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Bell Schedules

During Phase Two of Distance Learning, students will remain in their AM & PM classes.

  • Students with Last Names A-Lieu will be in the AM session
  • Students with Last Names Lif-Z will be in the PM session

Students returning to campus during Phase Two will be on campus 2 days each week:

  • PM students will be on campus on Mon & Tue afternoons and in virtual learning on Thu & Fri afternoons
  • AM students will be in virtual learning on Mon & Tue mornings and on campus Thu & Fri mornings.
  • All students will be virtual on Wednesdays. 

Students remaining in virtual learning will stay on the same schedule they have attended since August.

Please see the schedule below for exact class times.  

Note that while the class schedule will remain similar each week, you can always check out the latest newsletter for the current schedule.

Printable Version (Virtual Learning)       Printable Version (In-Person Schedule)

In-Person Bell Schedule

in person bell schedule

Virtual Learning Schedule