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Registration - 2019-20 School Year



Registration Begins on January 28, with the Current 11th Graders.  Students receive their Course Cards in their English Class, and have a week to talk to current teachers and their families about the courses that are best for them.  Students then meet with their History class with the counselors to ask final questions and register for courses.  


Please review the Registration Timeline on this page for information about when your student will register.  The Course Description Catalog is also an excellent resource when looking at electives or the prerequisite requirements for different courses in all disciplines.

teacher recommendations

The goal of this process is to allow for students and families to make informed choices regarding their next academic year at Napa High School.  There are a wide range of Honors and Advanced Placement classes, and students should talk with their current content teacher about how their skills match the requirements of the course they are considering taking.  Napa High School encourages teachers during this time of the year to discuss the options in the next level class, and help students make the best decision for their individual needs.