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Important Dates & Forms

Dropping a Class at Napa High

Administrative Regulation 5121 - Withdrawal from a class: A student who drops a course during the first six weeks of the semester may do so without any entry on his/her permanent record card.  A student who drops a course after the first six weeks of the semester shall receive an F grade on his/her permanent record, unless otherwise decided by the principal or designee because of extenuating circumstances in which case a student shall receive a “W” (Withdrawal) on his/her transcript.

Fall and Spring Semesters Grading Policy
Week 1 - 6 No entry on transcript but drops require signature of the instructor, parent, and counselor.
Week 6 - 10 Drops require the signature of the instructor. Based on student effort and attendance during enrichment/intervention time, the student will receive an "F" or a "W" (Withdrawal) on his/her transcript. F grades are calculated in the GPA. W grades are not calculated in the GPA.
After Week 10 No drops are allowed; the instructor will assign normal grade.


Dropping a Class at NVC

Students who cannot continue or no longer wish to be enrolled in a class at Napa Valley College are responsible for officially dropping or withdrawing from the class. Non-attendance in a class does not guarantee that the instructor will drop a student from the class, and may result in receipt of an unsatisfactory grade.

Students may drop or withdraw from classes online through WebAdvisor or in person by submitting a completed Drop Card to the Admissions and Records Office. Students should refer to the website for specific drop and withdrawal deadlines.

Fall 2019 Dates:

  • August 30, 2019 - Last Day to Drop without a "W" (no mark on your transcript)
  • November 8, 2019 - Last Day to Drop with a "W" Grade


Reference: NVC BP/AP 5070 (S6215)

Napa High Work Permit Application

The front of the work permit application must be completed by the student, the parent, and the employer once the employer agrees to hire the student. The student then brings the completed application to Student Services to receive the final work permit.

The back of the work permit details the legal work hours and safety guidelines required by California law and adopted by the Napa Valley Unified School District. 

Please note that a work permit may not be issued in the case of truancy, low GPA, or chronic behavioral issues and that a work permit may be revoked for the same reasons. 


Work Permit Information

Who Needs a Work Permit? 

If you want to work and are under 18, you must obtain a work permit for each job you hold. 

Why Do You Need a Work Permit? 

Work permits ensure that you are working safe hours, performing appropriate tasks, and receiving fair pay on the job. (It’s CA law.) 

How Do You Get a Work Permit?  

1.   Go to Student Services and see Mrs. Howden or Mrs. de Lorimier to pick up a work permit application or print this form.  (Make sure your school attendance is good!)

2.   Complete your portion of the application: name, address, birth date, et al.

3.   Have your employer complete the section about the job:  employer’s name, hours, job duties, etc.

4.   Have your parent sign the application.

5.   Return the application to Mrs. Howden. (Allow for a 48-hour turnaround for the permit.)

6.   Pick up your Work Permit from Mrs.Howden,and take it to your employer.     

*Those under 18 but who have graduated from high school, passed the CA High School Proficiency Exam, or received a GED do NOT need a permit.


FAQ’s about Work Permits from the CA Dept. of Education

Frequently Asked Questions about Work Permits
This link provides answers to 28 of the most common questions about work permits as answered by representatives from the California Department of Education.

Current Students:

Unofficial Transcripts

Currently enrolled students may stop by Student Services for a printed copy of their current unofficial transcript.  See Mrs. Howden or Mrs. de Lorimier for assistance.

Official Transcripts

Currently enrolled students should request transcripts in person in Student Services, using the Transcript Request form.  The first copy is free, and each additional copy is $2 (cash only).

Step 1: Complete the Transcript Request form in Student Services

Step 2: If you are requesting a transcript to be mailed, please provide a postage stamp & envelope.

Step 3: Return form and envelope (if necessary) to Mrs. Howden in Student Services.

Contact: Karen Howden or (707) 253-3716


Former Students and Alumni:

Please click here for information on obtaining a transcript from the district office.

Need a letter of recommendation for your college applications or a scholarship? 

1. Ask a teacher or your counselor if they can provide a letter or recommendation.

2. Complete the Request for Letter of Recommendation form, or pick up a copy in Student Services. 

3. Remember to complete both sides of the form before returning to your teacher or counselor.

Dual Enrollment at Napa High

Napa High students are allowed to enroll in classes at Napa Valley College to earn high school credit for certain classes.  Please make an appointment with your counselor to discuss your options. 

High School Permit to Attend Form - please complete this form with your counselor and have your parent sign.  Once you have the signatures, bring the completed form to Mrs. de Lorimier in Student Services for the final approval.

Napa Valley College Dual Enrollment Information