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Monica Ready named new principal at Napa High School
Posted 6/7/19

Monica ReadyThe Napa Valley Unified School District announced today that Monica Ready has been appointed the new principal of Napa High School, effective July 1, 2019 pending board approval at the April 25th board of education meeting. Ready has worked in the district since 2004, most recently serving as the principal of Harvest Middle School. She is also a Napa High School alum. During her tenure at Harvest, Ready implemented systematic changes to support teaching and learning objectives including grade level team leads, instructional learning walks and mentor coaching. She also oversaw a robust socio-emotional learning curriculm supporting mental health, wellness and culutural sensitivity and awareness. Lastly, she has successfully and collaboratively led the implementation of an effective International Baccalaureate and middle school Spanish immersion programs with the Harvest staff.

“Monica has a superior reputation within the NVUSD community and Napa High School will benefit from her strong leadership and passionate commitment to developing students to be lifelong learners and compassionate citizens. She demonstrated her strengths and capacity as a seasoned leader of secondary education in the principal selection process, ” said Dana Page, NVUSD Interim Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources.

Ready is no stranger to Napa High, after serving as an Assistant Principal from 2013-2016 where she designed and implemented the dual language immersion program and directly impacted students through the launch of the school-wide tutoring program and the Super Saturday Academy. Prior to that, she spent several years at Napa High school as an English teacher and athletic coach. “It is an honor to be named the Principal of Napa High School,” stated Monica Ready.  “As an alumni, former teacher and Assistant Principal of Napa High School, I respect the deep historical roots of Napa High and embrace leading students, staff, families, and community as we continue to support students to become future ready. I am thankful for the strong transition that Principal Silva has established as the Interim Principal of Napa High School. I look forward to championing the growth and achievement of students that occurs every day in the classroom, concert halls, and athletic fields.

Frank Silva, the current Interim Principal at Napa High School, will return to his previous position as principal of Browns Valley Elementary. Frank Silva was appointed as the Interim Principal last fall in response to various needs and challenges the school was facing at the time. He assumed the role with passion and commitment and dove into the work ready to solve problems and lay a strong foundation for Napa High’s future.

“During his brief time at Napa High, Frank Sliva made tremendous impact at the school. He stabilized Napa High School with a calm and confident leadership style, enabling the community to flourish during a challenging time of transition. His contributions to the school and the district are valued and will not be forgotten,” said Dr. Rosanna Mucetti, NVUSD Superintendent. “With Monica Ready’s appointment at our next board meeting, we have another stellar educator in the leadership role and I know her passion around teaching and learning, particularly within the high school context, along with her deep secondary educational experience will continue to move Napa High forward.”

Photo credit: Michelle Ravencroft Photography