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Academic Planning

Tips for Choosing Classes

  • Create a schedule that is balanced for you. Taking two or more A.P. classes requires a significant amount of time, energy, and motivation. Consider extra-curricular activities, outside responsibilities, etc. when choosing rigorous courses.
  • Be thoughtful with your choices. Do not assume you can try a class and just drop later. Your options may be limited if you decide to change your schedule after the school year has begun.
  • When choosing alternative courses to your primary choices, please remember there is a good possibility you may be placed in your alternate course. Therefore, please make these choices carefully.
  • Do not take an A.P. or Honors course simply because you will receive a weighted grade. Consider your interests, passion, strengths and weaknesses. You may have limited options if you change your mind, so take the time to pursue courses of interest.

Credit Recovery Options

Students are required to complete 220 credits to receive a diploma from Napa High School.  Students that have failed a class have the option of taking the course again through our Cyber High program.

Cyber High is offered after school and during specific periods of the school day.  Courses vary each semester, and students can only register for the course through their counselor.  Students should make an appointment with their counselor to discuss their options.Students that have failed multiple courses, and are no longer on track to graduate with 220 credits should contact their counselor as soon as possible.  Counselors can help students with a referral to Valley Oak High School.  Valley Oak offers smaller classes at a self-paced speed to help students make up the credits and graduate on time with a diploma from Valley Oak.