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College Planning

The cost of attending college is a concern for parents and students. From the modest cost of attending a community college like Napa Valley College to the higher cost of going to an independent (private) college…there is a need to understand the challenge of paying for college. The following information may be of help to understand some basic terminology and information about financial aid.

Feel free to use these worksheets to help you compare college costs and to decide which college is the best fit. 


Tuition and Fees... 

Tuition charges help pay for the cost of instruction.

Some colleges charge fees in addition to tuition.

Independent (Private) college tuition is significantly higher than public colleges.

Check college website for information regarding tuition and fees.

Room and Board...

Students living away from home have both housing and food costs.

Many colleges provide campus housing for frosh students.

Check college website for on-campus room and board costs.


Need to consider costs of traveling from home to college.

Estimate number of trips home during college year.

Some colleges allow cars on campus... but parking fees are involved.


All college textbooks must be purchased or rented.

Book costs can add up to several hundred dollars each year.

Finding used textbooks at campus bookstores can help reduce book costs.

Amazon & Chegg offer lower rates on some textbook rentals & purchases.

Personal Expenses...

May need new clothes to cope with climate of college.

Going to campus activities from football games to concerts.

 (Always check the college website for information regarding the above categories…and remember to consider the cost of travel)

Financial Aid Information

Visits from College Representatives

College representatives visit Napa High to meet with students and discuss different aspects of college.  We are hosting visits in person and virtually. Check out the calendar or list below for more information.

Be sure to check back as both will be updated as more colleges sign up!

Click here for the College Visit Calendar

List of College Visits (Virtual & In-Person)

Questions to ask College Reps

Process for College Rep Visits

Are you a College Rep?  Please go to Counselor Community through RepVisits (Naviance) to schedule an appointment with our high school.