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Dropping a Class at Napa High

Administrative Regulation 5121 - Withdrawal from a class: A student who drops a course during the first six weeks of the semester may do so without any entry on his/her permanent record card.  A student who drops a course after the first six weeks of the semester shall receive an F grade on his/her permanent record, unless otherwise decided by the principal or designee because of extenuating circumstances in which case a student shall receive a “W” (Withdrawal) on his/her transcript.

Fall and Spring Semesters Grading Policy
Week 1 - 6 No entry on transcript but drops require signature of the instructor, parent, and counselor.
Week 6 - 10 Drops require the signature of the instructor. Based on student effort and attendance during enrichment/intervention time, the student will receive an "F" or a "W" (Withdrawal) on his/her transcript. F grades are calculated in the GPA. W grades are not calculated in the GPA.
After Week 10 No drops are allowed; the instructor will assign normal grade.


Dropping a Class at NVC

Students who cannot continue or no longer wish to be enrolled in a class at Napa Valley College are responsible for officially dropping or withdrawing from the class. Non-attendance in a class does not guarantee that the instructor will drop a student from the class, and may result in receipt of an unsatisfactory grade.

Students may drop or withdraw from classes online through WebAdvisor or in person by submitting a completed Drop Card to the Admissions and Records Office. Students should refer to the website for specific drop and withdrawal deadlines.

Reference: NVC BP/AP 5070 (S6215)