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Course Catalog

The faculty and staff at Napa High School believe in the success of each and every student.  We will do everything we can to support the academic success and personal growth of all our students.  Our goal is for students to graduate “College and Career” ready.  You hold the keys that will open the doors to the fulfillment of your individual academic achievements and educational growth.    

Below are the district graduation requirements along with information about college entrance requirements. Course offerings are listed by department.  It is intended that families review this catalog together making informed decisions about an educational program that will interest and challenge a student’s intellect. Students should be encouraged to select an academically rigorous program in order to develop their full potential. We hope that students will find time in their schedule to become involved in athletics and/or other co-curricular programs which can be a very enriching part of a well-rounded educational experience.  

**We recommend that families also review our Course Selection FAQs to find information about the required number of courses a student must take and when schedule changes are allowed.**

Students enrolling in an AP or Honors class are required to complete the Advanced Placement/Honors Commitment Pledge (Español). (Note - only student logged into NVUSD account can complete the form)